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Sustainable Holistic Intelligent Enterprise & Leaderless Development

Stay in the loop while getting the pulse of a community with SHIELD

Allow unique human beings to submit content and vote on it: You can post Polls, Proposals and Issues or vote.

Vote on Polls, Proposals & IssuesDAO dApp
Working with your users has never been easier through Polls, Proposals and raised Issues.
Submit your postSubmit Your Post
Have an idea for a Post? Submit it and share the link with your friends.
Biospheric DemocracyBiospheric Democracy
An evolving content platform built around a decentralized democratic voting system.
KYC level 1KYC Accounts
Level 1 KYC verified accounts ensures all votes are unique. Selfies and ID cards are verified.
gratitude token logoNPPoS (Non Profit Proof of Stake)
Must have a 5 GRAT minimum balance to be able to post or vote on any post.
Collective Intelligence - The wisdom of Crowds by James SurowieckiCollective Intelligence
Inspired by: Wisdom of Crowds by J. Surowiecki - self-made billionaires top 5 book.

Info Announcement NotificationDuring the alpha public test all proton accounts are accepted. You don't need to own 5 GRAT tokens or to have KYC passed.

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